Did God create wheat and bread

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Did God create wheat and bread - Did God create wheat and bread? | Hello friends. I'm an unemployed bricklayer. Today I'm going through serious health problems (column) unemployed and unable to resort to inss. My last job with a formal contract was in 2010. Since then, I have been living on my spout. I have 4 daughters who are still studying. My house is financed and I can lose at any time if I do not pay the installments on time. My name is negatived. SOS | Dear friends, I hope that all those who arrive here are under the grace of God. Friends today I know that we are all going through some problem, be it health, financial, lack of employment, etc. But that's precisely why I came here. I know how hard it is for people to give up their trust to help someone who does not know who he is if his story is real if his problems are big enough for us to help. But I believe. that no one in this world is free from problems whatever they may be. even if we pray to God and ask for a better world of equality for all, yet the problems will come, inevitably they will come. But I pray to God from the heart in my prayers that all who come here and help that what I am going through today never happen in their lives, it is painful, it is sad is an inexplicable pain, not the pain of an illness, but the pain to come to this point of begging and sometimes even humiliating to people. it is not pride but rather the will to work and conquer your goals with your struggle and your own efforts. But life brought me here. S.O.S MY HOUSE, MY FAMILY MY LIFE. I live in a poor region, without jobs, industries, etc. There are few job opportunities. I have no relatives outside to try a life elsewhere I also have no intention of leaving my family to go in search of an illusion without direction and without direction. Family is our greatest good, and a family is family only when it is united, in pain, in love, and in everything else that life can offer us. So here I am pleading for the help of those who are better off than I am and affirm the universe. THAT ALL THOSE WHO HELP ME TODAY WILL BE RETRIBUTED IN ANY WAY FOR THEIR LIFE. WHAT I NEED TODAY IS SO LITTLE A COMPARED TO FORTUNES THAT MANY GUARDS THROUGH LIFE, AND THAT WILL NOT TAKE PLACE ANYWHERE HERE YOURSELF ARRIVED, THEN I SAY YOU. LIVE TODAY, HELP TODAY CHEER YOUR SPIRIT TO HELP IF YOU CAN HELP. HUGS AND THAT GOD HABITS IN EVERY HEART THAT HERE HERE. EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING, BUT STILL I WILL BE GRATEFUL, BECAUSE YOU KNOW IN ANY WAY THAT IT EXIST. AND THAT LIFE DOES NOT ALWAYS SMILE FOR EVERYONE. LOVE THAT THE PEACE OF THE LORD BE WITH ALL YOU, TODAY NOW AND ALWAYS LOVE. (OBS) THIS VIDEO JA MAKES SOME YEARS I DID AND RESOLVED TO SHOW HERE. THAT WELL BEFORE LIFE GIVE ME ANOTHER WAY. But faith would remain alive in our hearts. Although it seems difficult to resist, we will survive.

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